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Buck of the season
DEC 2, 202

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ladies night out_edited.jpg


MARCH 4 , 2023


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Small town, huge hearts.

In 1984, the Ashmont Ag Society formed with a vision of being able to host events, gatherings and embody community spirit. What had initially started as a small union has grown into so much more over the years. With past events in the community such as quad rallies, sled rallies, Malanka, community dances, buck of the season, and sporting events the opportunity has been exponential for community bonding. Not only do we bring together our neighbors but also our surrounding friends and communities.  We welcome family reunions, weddings, funerals and everyone who requires the use of a beautiful, clean and professional hall with grounds.

With the reputation of having one of the best community halls in the province, we have proudly been able to be a part of many special memories. Our fully serviced hall 10,000sq/ft with a seating capacity of over 500 is perfect for weddings, family reunions, business events, celebrations, and funerals with features such as a conference room, camping grounds, and recreational grounds. 


Pricing starts at;

$250 for the main hall,

$50 for the conference room,


(Janitorial and damage deposit required.)

Monthly meetings held every third Tuesday of the month @7:30pm, come stop by!

We are a not-for-profit group with a massive heart. Funds raised through events go directly back into the community. Countless hours of volunteer work, and donations have allowed us to excel so we can take pride when we say that we have one of the most beautiful agricultural complexes in the province. We would love you to see for yourself!

To build and bring each other closer, to have fun and share many laughs. The Ashmont Ag Society is continually working towards growing with our neighbors. 

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