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Our History

In the fall of 1983 a steering committee was formed headed by Bill Pattison. Other members included Anne Himschoot, Wes Bennett, Larry Lambert and Ken Fletcher. A meeting was held October 13, 1983 to discuss various functions of the Ag Society and how this agricultural organization would benefit Ashmont and the surrounding communities. It was at this meeting the idea of a multi-use facility was born.

Five months later on March 24, 1984 the Ashmont & District Agricultural Society received it’s Charter from MLA John Drobot on behalf of the provincial government.


An election followed and the Late Jack Dickson was named president of the new society. Jack served as president for 3 years, bringing with him many years of work experience dealing with various levels of government. This helped the Ag Society move forward with grant applications and closer to the reality of someday building a multi-plex in Ashmont.

After Jack stepped down, Rodney Desmond was nominated and elected at the Society’s annual meeting. With guidance and support from Jack and Les Petry, Rodney continued to push on with the vision of a building going up. After many years of meetings and fund raising events, it became clear that the hall would go forward.


A sod turning ceremony was held in May 1990. Construction started shortly thereafter and local businesses and trades were used as much as possible. Les Petry was key in keeping the project on budget. 


The Agriplex was finally completed in the summer of 1991. Many volunteer hours were spent by the executive and board members, ensuring this project was completed in a fiscally responsible and timely manner.


Now the real work began. Its one thing to build a multi-use facility like the one we have here in Ashmont, but it is another to maintain and keep it going. Many weddings, funerals, dances, birthday parties, anniversaries, showers, public meetings and the like were held in the hall. Heritage Day events were now held all in one place, unlike before when some events were across the highway and the bench show was held in the school gym.


In 2015, it was apparent that the hall was in need of some repair. New siding went on the exterior walls and tin on the roof. The interior received a fresh coat of paint and new kitchen sinks were also installed.

Currently, the Ashmont and District Agricultural Society consists of 4 executive directors, 10 directors, 3 committee heads and multiple lifetime members. We are a not-for-profit organization with a massive heart. Funds raised through events go directly back into the community. Countless hours of volunteer work, and donations have allowed us to excel so we can take pride when we say that we have one of the most beautiful agricultural complexes in the province. 

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