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Mission Statement

  • Provide a venue and facilitate events for the betterment of our community, youth, agriculture industry and rural lifestyles.


  • Build a community which enhances the quality of life

  • We grow by being involved

  • We make a difference by operating community facilities in our community


  • Our Volunteers, Patrons and Employees

  • Quality of Life in our Community

  • Youth

  • Community & Industry Partnership, Relationships & Linkages

  • Safety & Security

  • Our Facilities

  • Fiscal Responsibility


  • The object of the Society shall be to encourage improvement in agriculture and enhanced quality of life for persons living in the community by developing educational programs, events, services and facilities based on needs of the community.

  • To sponsor meetings and short courses on agriculture and homemaking subjects.

  • To sponsor an exhibition at which prizes will be awarded for excellence in agricultural, horticultural, and homemaking skills.

  • To assist in the development of leadership in our community through sponsoring and encouraging 4-H and any other youth clubs, and by sponsoring leadership development workshops

  • To provide an opportunity for local producers to display and market products through a trade show.

  • To improve the quality of life in our community by sponsoring or supporting cultural events.

  • To be aware of the changing needs of the people in our community and to adjust our programs to accommodate change and encourage other community resources to do the same.

  • To develop activities and programs designed to encourage young people interested in pursuing careers in Agriculture.

  • To stimulate awareness in the urban community at large of the importance of Agriculture and Agriculture concerns.

  • To support and cooperate with the other community groups involved in programs for the betterment of the community.

  • To sell, manage, lease, mortgage, construct, improve, dispose of or otherwise deal with Real and Chattel property of the Society within the limits of the Agricultural Societies Act.

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