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Rental Fees

Hall - Multi-day Event (i.e. Wedding):

Main Hall (capacity 510 with tables & washrooms, 3 days)                $600  

Bar (includes cooler)                                                                              $100 

Janitorial/Clean-up (includes scrubbing of floors & washrooms)      $200  

Damage Deposit for Main Hall (refundable)                                       $1200 

Microphone Deposit (refundable)                                                        $200  

Speakers Deposit (refundable)                                                             $400 

Hall - Single Day Event (i.e. Funeral)

Main Hall Funerals (capacity 645 with seating & washrooms)           $200  

Meetings Main Hall (includes janitorial/clean-up)                              $400 

Meeting Room (includes janitorial/clean-up)                                      $150 

Damage Deposit for Meeting (refundable)                                         $150 


Kitchen (Caterers) (Not Stocked)                                                         $200 

Janitorial/Clean-up (includes scrubbing of floors & washrooms)     $50 

Damage Deposit for Kitchen (refundable)                                          $300 

A Copy of Insurance and Food Handling Certificate Required

For more information or to book the hall please contact

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